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we invite you to learn how to struggle less and trust life more.

liveliness, the key to a joyful and productive life

join us on a simple journey towards the simple and deep secrets of life. erwin has been dedicated to discovering our human potential for more than 30 years. his goal is to contribute to your happiness.

he believes that truly happy people will make this world a better place.

clear definitions and simple steps.

we love to share our experience in a transparant, systematic and simply deep way.

all our courses and materials are tailored for you to feel and shape that deep connection that we call liveliness.

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experience your natural liveliness.

everything you need is already there,

within all the beauty and the challenges that you own.

all our paths and methods are leading to who you know you truly are.

they are here to help you experience it fully, share it with others and bring it into the world


boost your team’s liveliness and their performance will follow!






i love to encounter people.

i feel and listen deeply,

i talk simply,

contributing to your clarity, confidence and joy.


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