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simply deep academy


natural presence

belonging to life |

in the natural world the value of our existence is self-evident. we belong to life, unconditionally and by nature. maybe you agree, but do you live accordingly?

it is natural presence when you can feel more and more how you are belonging to life. 


yes to life |

i can easily claim that i am saying yes to life. but what does it mean? life is happening from instant to instant, day in, day out. as long as we are distracted or absent-minded we cannot answer yes to life.

becoming naturally present is an everyday journey towards a love of life; each moment is a new opportunity!

a life of encounters |

every instant is an invitation to truly encounter yourself and others. even seemingly insignificant moments are precious opportunities.

it is natural presence when you allow encounters to touch and transform you making your experience of life a deep and rich one.

an active life |

when you neither get lost within yourself nor in outer distractions you are simply there. you are joining the game.

it is natural presence when, facing countless possibilities, you chose to live your own life.

a joyful life |

who is scared of the vastness and unlimited openness of life? (almost) everybody!

joy arises when you allow for it to come ever closer, in spite of your fears.

it is natural presence when you are experiencing the loss and recovery of joy. it is an unpredictable dance rather than a forced march.