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depth |
for four years, i helped build the monastery and then spent seven years in a strict meditation retreat. i was a buddhist monk for 16 years and taught in europe and the u.s.
i learned how to encounter life wholeheartedly and to be there for others.

finished |
after 16 years, i left the monastery to share my experience with others. i got a master’s degree in health science and completed a training to become a certified coach and a course on mindfulness with kids. i learned to further clarify my commitment to the happiness of us all

belonging |
in the forests of my home in austria, i learned to connect presence to a deep sense of belonging to nature. this deep appreciation for all the living has since become the core of my activity.
i learned how much joy there is in even the most simple moments of life.

sharing |
i have written my first book (an english version is not available as yet). i wrote it in order to share with others what i have learned. other books coming up soon.
i learned how to communicate in a spirit of simplicity and belonging.


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