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we invite you to learn how to struggle less and trust life more.

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at simply deep academy we are dedicated to your well-being. happiness does not only come from what we do, it also comes with the joy of being alive.

we share our knowledge and experience so that you can handle the challenges of your every-day life and find your own combination of doing and being, your natural rhythm of liveliness, as vital and soothing as the rhythm of your heart. we are convinced that true happiness will help you make this world a better place.

feeling like everything is become to much? 

our courses will help you to struggle less and enjoy life more .

this course has shown me that two to three days can change one’s life. big changes are possible, for oneself and others. this could really generate a very much needed change in the world!


This course truly helped me to become more self-aware. I got the chance to see things about myself that were always there, but just hiding somewhere in the depth of my mind

John Smith

thank you for all the insights, positive vibrations and showing us limitless possibilities to enjoy life.


this course was such an amazing experience. i have gained insights on how to lead a better and happier life.


listen to our podcast – simply deep talk

what if the key to human development was not to set goals and work hard but to trust life and relax? in this podcast, Erwin shares his amazing 30-year journey of self-discovery. he was a buddhist monk for 16 years and has spent 7 years in meditation retreats to become a lama. he has got a masters degree in health science. now Erwin shares his experience and translates it into little steps that we can all integrate into our daily routine.


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